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We have all heard the saying that “cash is king” and we’ve all no doubt experienced times of frustration resulting from not knowing where our money goes. At Mammoth we help you to gain a clear understanding of your expenditure patterns and establish easy to manage banking arrangements allowing us to track your cashflow on an ongoing basis. It is also important to understand and anticipate the likely changes to cashflow patterns throughout the various phases of life. It is often the case that there are times when it is unavoidable that our expenditure exceeds our income (eg during the children’s schooling, repaying the mortgage, starting a business) and we therefore need to maximise the opportunities available outside those times.

We also help you to understand the importance of legitimately minimising taxes as a means to ensuring you retain your fair share of personal and investment cash flow both now and in the future.

  Our cashflow program is designed to help you regain control and ensure that you make the most productive use of available cashflow, typically by either repaying inefficient debts or investing to provide larger cash flow in the future.

A key focus is to ensure that personal cash flows and investment cash flows are clearly identified and separated to ensure prudent management on an ongoing basis.

At this level, this is financial planning at its most basic: the decision to spend now or to spend it later. Often by choosing to spend later we can invest and have significantly more available later to spend!

Our Cashflow & Budgeting program ties in closely with our Debt Management program. Through this program we will help you to:
  1. Identify expenditure
2. Classify expenditure into categories – fixed/discretionary, frequency, present/future
3. Monitor expenditure – ultimate responsibility for expenditure must always rest with you however we can provide some the tools to help you stay in control
4. Banking structure – we can assist with creating an easy to manage banking structure

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