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The Australian dream of owning our own home is alive and well. Unfortunately and without proper planning, this often comes at a substantial and largely unrecognised cost. Not only will a standard principal and interest mortgage result in home owners paying between 2.5 to 4 times the value of the home over time, it will generally leave you with little time left in which to accumulate assets for your other longer term objectives/necessities such as retirement. And remember that time is your greatest asset. This begs the question: isn’t there a better way?

We’re pleased to confirm that for the majority of people there is a better way... in fact there are a variety of better ways. Our Debt Management program is designed to help you to:

  » Own your home sooner
» Reduce interest costs over time
» Create an investment portfolio
» Produce passive income
    » Make productive use of debt
» Make productive use of assets
» Increase your net wealth
» Legitimately reduce tax

Inefficient v Efficient Debt
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While we generally all appreciate that debt should be reduced, it is important to draw the distinction between efficient and inefficient debt. Used appropriately, efficient debt can allow you to create wealth above and beyond that which you would be able to generate solely from your own assets.    Inefficient v Efficient Debt

Bearing in mind the general acceptance that all but very few of us are able to save enough from our own cashflow to provide adequately for our retirement, for most people an efficient debt portfolio provides the only real method of accumulating sufficient wealth to provide us with options in retirement.

At Mammoth we also recognise where specialist advice is required and accordingly we have a long-standing partnership with a trusted mortgage broker that can provide specialist loan advice and implementation services.


Inefficient v Efficient Debt

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 People are out of work. Interest rates go up. Money gets tight. It's unpleasant. Only later do the good effects of an end to rising prices show up. The problem is getting through the painful cure without wanting another drink. The greatest difficulty in curtailing inflation is that, after a while, people begin to think they'd rather have the sickness than the cure.

Milton Friedman

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