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As investment professionals we recognise the valuable contribution of investment management/selection to overall outcomes. We also appreciate that the ongoing service and management of investment management arrangements is crucial to your long term success.

As with all our service programs we pay careful attention to your particular goals and objectives and ensure that our recommendations suit your specific requirements. In constructing appropriate client portfolios we pay careful attention to the interaction of the following:

  » Potential returns
» Risks
» Ongoing investment costs/value for money
» Tax management
» After-tax returns
» Innovation & new products/opportunities
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Broadly speaking there are three Investment Management approaches:

  1. Active Management – the investment manager aims to use their expertise to outperform the index of the market in which they are investing. They make pro-active buy and sell decisions on your behalf
2. Passive Management – the portfolio replicates a market index to provide investors with a return in line with the particular market. Passive management generally costs 1/3 to ½ the investment management fees of active management
3. Multi-Manager – an asset consultant/researcher builds portfolios and selects combinations of external managers within each asset class to minimise fund manager risk. Portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis and if changes to the fund manager line up are required these are made by the multi-manager without you needing to take any action.

As an example of our philosophy, we believe that in certain asset classes it is very difficult for active managers to add value over and above the return generated by the market, especially after accounting for active management fees. Therefore we carefully consider each asset class and recommend the most appropriate investment management method for that particular asset class.

We are also primarily focused on after-tax returns for investors. All too often we see clients and other planners focused on the returns reported in the press. However it is widely acknowledged that there is a major shortcoming in this type of reporting of We focus on after-tax returns as this what is important to our clients – the amount of any return that they get to keep. We therefore utilise smart asset ownership and portfolio management techniques to provide optimal after tax returns. In combination with consideration of tax management at a strategic level, the management of your investments with this focus often leads to highly tax effective outcomes.

We utilise all three levels of investment management in an effort to optimise the risk, return, taxation and ongoing investment cost outcomes for you.

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 There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it, and when he can.

Mark Twain

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