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Mammoth Financial’s comprehensive service offering has been developed to enable clients of all types to select from our various service programs to build a package that suits their particular requirements and degree of involvement or complexity required. Our service programs are:

   1. Strategic Advice
2. Family Super Funds (SMSFs)
3. Investment Management
4. Cash Flow Management
5. Debt Management
6. Risk Management
7. Estate Planning

We work with you to establish both an initial and ongoing service program specifically suited to your personal requirements.

While every client is unique, as are their particular goals and objectives, we have outlined some descriptions of some broad groups of clients below to demonstrate how we add value. We are specialists at working with the following broad groups of clients:
  » Motivated Wealth Accumulators
» Pre-Retirees
» Retirees
» Business Owners



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Family Super Funds & Borrowing Overview - Instalment Receipts

Investing for Retirement - Middle Income

Investing for Retirement - Higher Income

Transition to Retirement (TTR) - Middle Income

Transition to Retirement (TTR) - Higher Income

Insurance Owned by Super


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