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It is common for Australians to plan for the accumulation of their wealth to some degree and to assume that the protection of their wealth will be taken care of without their taking any action. This belief could not be further from the truth and as we place your goals and objectives at the top of our list of priorities, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that the risks to your current and future wellbeing are identified, quantified and managed. In doing so we seek to protect you and your family, as well as minimise the possibility of your financial plan going to waste due to some external event.

In doing this we work with you through our risk SMART model where we:

      Seek out the risks that could impact your current and future wellbeing
Minimise risks wherever possible
Avoid whichever risks are able to be avoided
Retain those risks with which we feel comfortable
Transfer those risks that can be transferred (insured) for a reasonable cost

The underinsurance gap in Australia is one of the most significant in the developed world. In their May 2005 report Rice Walker Actuaries found:

 “A broad estimate of the amount of underinsurance for parents in Australia with dependent children is of the order of $1,370 billion (i.e. $1,370,000,000,000). For those with average levels of superannuation death cover only, the cover held represents only about 20% of average needs”
Source: Rice Walker Actuaries: Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) Cost of Underinsurance Project – Analysis of Life insurance Needs; May 2005

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