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At Mammoth Financial we recognise that the most significant contribution to the achievement of your goals and objectives is the overriding financial strategy that is employed. We spend significant time on gaining a clear and thorough understanding of your goals and objectives and on the development of strategic alternatives for presentation to and discussion with you. We work with you to confirm our understanding of your goals and objectives, and the refinement of financial strategies into final solutions. Only once the financial strategy has been agreed upon do we then consider specific products. In this way, our process ensures that we focus our attention and effort on the areas that add the most value to your outcomes – financial strategy and asset allocation.

A chart of the relative contributions to your net wealth from strategy, asset allocation and investment management/selection was provided in the Mammoth Philosophy page.

At the heart of our Strategic Advice program is the aim of generating a ‘passive income’ for you. A passive income is an income that is paid to you without you needing to get out of bed. Ultimately any person wishing to retire needs to generate a passive income to provide for living expenses in retirement. There are also a variety of ways to generate passive income prior to retirement that can also help you to achieve your pre-retirement objectives, such as debt repayment or providing for children’s education.

We will work with you to develop strategic alternatives tailored to your specific goals and objectives and which incorporate all aspects of your financial life, including:

  » Cash flow
» Investments
» Asset ownership
» Debt management
» Risk management
» Estate Planning
We will work with you via our Ongoing Service & Management program to ensure that we adjust your existing strategies and arrangements as your needs and objectives change over time and to keep pace with the ever-changing environment.

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